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Due to the multitude of housing variations, styles, and building standards within the market, our service prices are determined by the type of dwelling, location, and other mitigating factors that influence the complexity of the report. Our promise is to provide a quality report at a fair price.
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What We Provide

Receive detailed reports on your property’s market value from CAMA Real Estate Appraisals Ltd in Alberta, Canada. You can count on our integrity, credibility and accuracy in providing findings that will help you make sound business decisions. Count on us to strive in ensuring an easy, professional and pleasant experience for you.

Our services cover the following:

Commercial Appraisal

Committed to Excellence

Modern Building

Residential Appriasal

Personalized Approach


Rural Appraisal

Exceeding Expectations

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Appraisal Reviews

Detailed review and explanation of findings

Signing a Contract

Historical Appraisals

Value for a specific date


Residential Replacement Cost Analysis Reports

Committed to Excellence

Construction Engineer
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Who Uses Our Appraisals and Why?

  • Customers Who Require Retrospective and Prospective Valuations

  • Financial Institutions and Brokers for Mortgage Financing

  • Individuals Who Need Relocation Valuations and Valuations Due to Expropriation of a Property

  • Lawyers and Consumers for Divorce/Settlements, Estate Planning and Estate Valuation (Present and Historical Values)

  • People Engaged in New Construction

  • Real Estate Agents and Homeowners for Marketing and Listing Valuations

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Our Specialty

We specialize in the Alberta market and provide a professional experience to our customers. We strive for accuracy with thorough, supported and easy-to-read reports that offer a fully supported approach to valuation.

Our goal is to provide insight and substantiated experience to our customers’ decision-making process. We stand behind our work and, if necessary, will accompany our clients to the court to support/defend our findings and lend our proficiency to their situation.

We also offer our expertise in reviewing an opposing report, providing a detailed review of a supplied appraisal and creating a new report, if required, to oppose an unsubstantiated finding. We are willing to defend our findings in a legal proceeding and explain why ours are superior to that of the opposition’s.

Our reports are completed in compliance with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) and various regulatory boards. We also strictly follow the rules and regulations of our professional organization, CNAREA.

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